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I wish I could say that fx menopause was a magic cure, but that wouldn’t be true. However, it does work well for the majority of people and above all, it gives you a quality of life back – that’s probably the best way I can describe it: I sleep well through the night, can get up in the morning without those horrible aches and pains, my pillow doesn’t look like my dog has slept on it and I’m no longer getting halfway up the stairs and forgetting what I was aiming to do. I still get the odd flush here and there, especially if I am stressed, but it really doesn’t matter because I feel normal again. But please don’t just take my word for it; here are a number of emails that we’ve received, hopefully some of them will strike a chord.    Brenda

FX Menopause 3™ should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet. Individual results may vary.

FX Menopause™ 3 feedback to June 2018

  This has changed my life. I was having up to 28 flushes a day and tried various treatments sage, prem tesse, red clover, menopace over 2 years. I stopped going out hated going to work as I work in a school and was embarrassed in lessons because the kids would say Miss you have gone red and you are sweating and would just of been happy to stay at home all day every day. I decided to look at the internet and did lots of research I saw Nutritional FX and looked at the reviews I thought how can anything work like that but being at the end of my tether I ordered it. I started taking it the 1st day I had as many flushes but they didnt last as long by day 3 i had reduced the flushes to just 3 a day and by day 7 I was flush free. I am so please with this product it has changed my life I can go to lessons without flushing and am able to go out have a meal without flushing. This product is worth every penny thank you so much.

  Ordered the starter pack 3 months ago and am massively impressed with the result! Have recommended theses tablets to other friends suffering from hot flushes but not wishing to start HRT. Many thanks!!

  Just wanted to say what a brilliant product this is. No more hot flushes, unless I forget to take a capsule! And then my partner notices because I apparently get irritable! It really does make a difference!!

  I would just like to say I have been taking FX Menopause for about 6 weeks now , hot flushes have stopped , I have increased energy and motivation and have been able to lose weight as I no longer feel the need to comfort eat and am enjoying walking again instead of moping around , really I feel like my old self and have recommended your product to others. , thanks

    Hi, I was desperate. The flushes/sweats were making my life intolerable. I did not want HRT and so tried some other herbal/homeopathic products. I started your product and took 3 capsules over a day. I went from extremely uncomfortable to pretty good by the end of that day. I slept better and had one flush. I took 3 the next day and have had 1 flush since- that is after less than 1 week. I am now taking 2 per day and it seems to be maintaining my lack of symptoms. I would not have believed this possible. THANK YOUUUUUU

  Just wanted to say how pleased I am with this product. I came off HRT about 6 weeks ago and within 2/3 weeks the hot flushes were back with a vengeance. I was being woke up nightly with them so not sleeping well and during the day they were also a real problem. I felt that i could not think or concentrate. Having taken nutrition fx 2 capsules daily for about 10 a 15 days the hot flushes have almost totally gone, and if I do get one then it is very mild. I feel so much better generally. Thank you.

  I would just like to say that this product (hardly dare say it in case it jinx's it !!) has worked for me ! No more down days & no more hot sweats at night ... Brilliant !! Ps .. Have just ordered my second batch , having had a three month trial . Thanks 

  I just wanted to say how impressed I am at the effectiveness of this product. I was very sceptical at first, having tried everything else including HRT. It took about two and half weeks for me to feel some benefits and now, after about three and a half, I no longer suffer from the hot flushes and night sweats I was getting. To go from being woken 7-10 times a night to sleeping through the night is wonderful. I have recommended the product to friends and will continue to purchase this for the foreseeable future. Many thanks  

  Well what can I say. My partner had tried everything on the market, on my last internet hunt (22days old) I found you. She's now into day 39, hot flushes are getting to be a rare experience and mood has lifted although her memory is no different!!  

  I have been taking the tablets (2 daily) for just over 2 weeks now and I feel changes are happening in the following ares: 1. Reduced hot flushes 2. An increase in energy levels 3. Improved sleep 4. Improvement in skin and hair I am delighted with these results and have had no side effects to date.  

  I am nothing but praise for fx menopause! I can now sleep the whole night without waking in hot flushes, have more energy during the day, on the whole feel better than I have in years. Many thanks  

  Thank you for your email, I have tried the product and am currently taking 2 tablets a day and have already noticed that I am getting better sleep and better concentration. I thought I would keep the dosage at this level for 4 weeks then drop to one a day. I will be ordering some more soon.  

  Many thanks for your telephone calls. Sorry I missed them but am working most of the time. fx menopause is working very well. More energy, able to cope with life much better now. thank you for your e-mail of the 15th. March. To answer your questions, in order, first; I have been on HRT, which I was taking every third day. I also take THYROXIN. When I saw my GP recently I showed him your product, and he suggested that I stop the HRT and start taking 2 capsules of the fx menopause. The answer to question 2 is NO. The answer to question 3 is NO.  

  Today I had my yearly appointment with the 'Specialist' at the hospital which did my Hysterectomy. I showed them your product and they would like further information on it. I told them about the immediate benefits I have felt, since starting to use them and they said to carryon. I am now increasing my dosage to 3 capsules a day, from 2. I am certainly beginning to feel a lot better, in myself! Therefore, would you kindly send one of your information packs to the following:  

  I have noticed a great improvement in how I feel, the hot flushes and night sweats are greatly reduced, I will be recommending fxmenopause to my friends. Thanks (deleted)  

  Yes I received my order the next day (very impressed) and I am extremely satisfied so much so I have recommended your product to a colleague.  

  Sorry this reply has taken so long but I have been away on holiday. I have been taking the fx menopause for over 2 weeks now and I am noticing that my hot flushes have diminished dramatically. I will certainly be reordering if this is the result that I can obtain ! I have tried many menopause remedies and have always been disappointed not to mention out of pocket. Thanks for a product that actually has some effect.  

  Hi Linda I would like to let you know that I 'am feeling alot better since I about the 10th day of taking fx menopause, I was getting 8 to 12 Hot flushes a night and now get 1 to 3 so I'am feeling alot better all round thanx  

  Thank you for your contact. I have been taking only one capsule a day although the recommended dose was 2 per day to start then one for maintenance. I have done this purely for financial reasons. However, although my hot flushes were not too bad I am still having them but I am beginning to notice increased energy and alertness. I also had a slight urinary incontinence problem that seems to be resolving although I am not sure whether this could be a benefit of fx menopause or not. Weight gain is still a problem - I find it very difficult to lose weight even though I am reasonable careful about diet and I do exercise.  

  My name is (deleted) – one happy customer. My health and optimism has returned!! So much so, that I am entering a team of four ladies for the Trailwalkers Challenge in July. It is a 60 mile walk over the South Downs, to be completed within 30 hours. All funds raised are equally divided between Oxfam and the Ghurkas Welfare Trust. Do take a look at the Trailwalkers Challenge website and let me know if your company would like to sponsor us – what a fantastic way to advertise the life changing qualities of fx menopause. We would all be happy to wear clothing with the fx menopause logo and I will get the newspapers, local radio etc involved.  

  I seem to be getting along fine now with the fx menopause having now increased my intake to 3 a day. To begin with I only took 2 and apart from having a touch of wind to begin with didn't feel any particular benefit. However, as you advised my intake might need increasing and this I have done. I do feel certainly more energic, my night sweats are more or less the same - some nights really bad and some nights not - but I realise this is more directly as a result of my food/liquid consumption during the course of that day and no reflection of my levels of fx menopause. I plan on continuing with the regime of 3 a day (this being the number of times I eat daily) for the time being and until I have a level of consistency with feeling the benefits. Then I will drop down to 1 with the option of increasing when I feel the need to.  

  I have just ordered another 120 capsules from the web site. I think its an excellent product – so thank you. I noticed when ordering that there are discounts etc mentioned. As I have been a good customer, and spent a lot of money with you, for the last number of years and have never been awarded a voucher or discount, do you think I could avail of some form of voucher or discount at this stage ?  

  Thank you for your response and attention. I have now reduced my intake down to 1 a day after taking 3 and then 2 a day for nearly 3 months. I feel I have benefited from these capsules with an increase in energy.  

  I followed the guide that came with the tablets and as I am 5 years into the Menopause decided to start with 3 per day. I am not sure if the results are supposed to happen quickly but I certainly felt better within a couple of days and have even had a few good night's sleep, so I am very positive about the immediate affect and will advise you after a full month of taking them. I suspect and would hope that I will be able to reduce the dose to 2 a day but for now will continue with 3. If you have any suggestions/recommendations for me please feel free to communicate via email.  

  Thanks for the email and yes I have noticed an improvement in my well being. For the first two weeks I took two a day and for the last week I have gone down to one a day. My Night sweats have stopped and I seem to have more energy - probably because I am sleeping better!  

  Just thought I would let you know how I am doing. I started the capsules on the day they were delivered. After 2 days i realised I could get up and down from a kneeling position without feeling any joint pain in my knees! I am going from strength to strength most noticibly in that I am actually sleeping through the night. Gone are the 30 mins sleeping followed by four hours tossing aand turning wide awake, another hour's sleep and then up and atom for the rest of the day. I am asleep by 11 and awake again by 7 the next morning! sheer bliss...... Keep up the good work I shall be re ordering again shortly  

  I have previously taken fx menopause and was really pleased with the results. I want to buy some again but just wondered is this ok if I am taking simvastatin? I don’t want to jeopardise the effects of either. Thank you  

  I started taking it on 14th July, which is just over two weeks, and as my case was quite severe (extreme hot flashes and night sweats, tiredness, etc), I started on a 4-capsule dose (2 in the morning and 2 in the evening). Within about five days, I noticed a fair decrease in the symptoms, and with continuation of this dosage, I hope the symptoms will completely disappear, in time. I sincerely hope that they will, because I could not do without HRT patches, which I wasn't happy to use, but they were the only thing that assisted me at all. In addition to the patches, I tried numerous herbal remedies, at great expense, but none of them seemed to work for me at all. The good thing is now I've weaned myself off the patches, and only take fx menopause! I will let you know how I feel within a month or two. With good luck fx menopause will be the final answer to my problems, which were causing me a lot of distress. Thank you for letting me know of fx menopause!  

  I would just like to say that I have used fxmenopause now for nearly 6 months & I can't believe the relief it has bought me. I had to have a hysterectomy aged 32 & my Dr said try & find alternatives to help with the symptons of the menopause. I was using Sage Leaf but you have to stop using after 6 months cos your body gets used to it & won't have the desired affect. Then I found out about fxmenopause & I haven't looked back since & now I can get on with my life without worrying about the symptons of the menopause. I have told my Dr about them as well & was surprised.  

  Thanks - it is only is the past few days that I have really started to notice an improvement. I am still getting hot flushes and night sweats, but they have reduced significantly and they are much less severe, so I have decided to continue taking one per day for another month to see if this continues and assess the situation monthly, finances permitting. Many thanks for this wonderful product.  

  Thank you for your e-mail I am pleased with fx menopause and only need 1 per day. I shall re-order when I am running low, which will probably be shortly.  

  Thank you for your email. This is in fact my 3rd batch, and yes, I am very happy with it.  

  I wonder if you would let me know what the green bean is. I see from your FAQs that it is not a soya bean. There are presumably many different beans which are green and I would just like to know exactly what I am consuming. I have found that they have helped but would like just a little more information.  

  I would like toe order for 10 boxes of fx menopause containing 60 capsules each.But before I place the order, I would like to know if there will be be a discount when I place such a large order? I have used fx menopause for over 3 years now and I am extremely satisfied with the product.  

  I have passed your information product to my sister, as I am very please with the results. My sister has just completed treatment for breast cancer. As stated in your delivery note you can send a full information pack to a GP. Can you please send it to my home address and my sister will pass it to the appropriate GP. My address is: (remainder deleted)  

  Have been taking fx menopause for years with great success, have read on internet that it is also effective for p m s,what are your views.  

  thinking of trying your product after hearing good reports from menopause forum of it. I'm 45 been and take daily soya tablets, iron tablets and prozac. Over the past few weeks I've been getting hot flashes and can't sleep. I've never had this before although suffered from sweats during the day. The soya is no longer controlling these. I'm really weepy every time I have a period which is about every ten days. Mood swing are bad. The prozac has helped this, but recently I seem to be worse despite increasing the dose. I think have to take a couple of more tablets of lessen the blood flow as suffered badly from anaemia in the past. {Mefenanmic & transexamic acid???] My mother died about a month ago after a long illness, which I'm sure hasn't helped. Is fx menopause likely to be suitable for me? Thanks  

  I got your site from the ladies on the "Menopause Matters" site who said you were very good. Seems you are living up to this reputation!! 1. No, I do not take anything at all and avoid doctors like the plague! 2. Yes - but have missed my last 2 periods so I hope this is the beginning of the end (so to speak!). I am 51. 3. I think the normal reaction! One query - can I use Natural Progesterone Cream as well? Or would you advise not to? I haven't ordered it yet. My main problem so far is very dry, very, very, itchy, crawly skin, mood swings and total loss of libido!! All pretty horrible. I want to feel "normal" again! Many thanks for you help  

  Just wanted to let you know that I have been taking this product for 3 months now and it works for me! I have suffered from PMS for years, the worst problem every month being very sore breasts also hunger/mood swings and lethargy. I am 46 yrs old so am peri-monpausal. This past month I didn't even realize that it was "that time again" - no sore breasts which makes me very happy. I only take 1 per day by the way. Thank you!  

  I spoke to you about two or three weeks ago about the product not working as well as it had been and as I had hoped it would and you gave me some advice on varying the dose. I have to say that since then I have not had a single hot flush, and as I am just about to be made redundant after 11 years in my job and am job hunting and attending interviews at a very stressful time, you can imagine how delighted I am with the result. You have changed my life around. Thank you  

  From a grateful husband: Thanks. Julie has settled into a routine of one a day, first thing in the morning. Two seemed to be making her 'hyper' (her words!) but one certainly seems to be working with energy levels and libido substantially restored.  

  Just received my second pack of fx menopause and I have reduced my dose to one tablet in the morning and 2 at night as my main problem is the night sweats. I am fine during the day but because I wake at 3-4 in the night with the said night sweats every night I feel very tired during the day and obviously as time goes on I get worse. However I do seem to be sleeping better and may now get the night sweats every other day and now much later – 5-6am. Any ideas would be welcome 

  I've been taking fx menopause for just about 3 weeks and feel 100% better but I am not sure if I should also be taking a calcium supplement or similar to guard against osteoporosis.  

  Hi its Joy again,I have started taking fx menopause again 13 days ago to be precise at 4 tablets a day. They are now working with no hot sweats and no headaches, but I was wondering how long I should continue to take 4 a day for? I did call the other day but i got someone else on the phone, and they wernt familiar with my case. Could you email me or give me a ring please?  

  having bought tablet from yourselves last year for my hot flushes i found them very good could you please send me a price list as i feel i may need to go on another course.  

  Hello,I have already recieved your imformation leafleats and one of your advisers contacted me when I made my first order .I followed instructions as advised leaving agap of two weeks afterdiscontinuing my H.R.T which I did not feel was benefiting my symtoms{this was also discussed with my GP.} Following this I began my course of fx menopause and took 3 aday for the first week,then 2 a day thereafter. I am very pleased with the results so far which is why I have reordered.Admittedley I have found some days better than others but on the whole of my first months trialI feel {and have felt} 90o/o improvement of my symptoms which included Deppression Lethargy Poor sleeping patterns{although I have started experiencing night sweats} which were absent when on H.R.T Extetreme lack of libido I hope I continue to benefit from taking fx menopause,I am not taking any other type of prescribed medication( apart from a 7 day course of antibiotics) just completed.I do not suffer from bloating or abnormal wind,I eat a healthy diet with plenty of fruit and vegs. and have been taking 2-3evening primrose capsules per day. I have also tryed to adhere to avoiding drinking Tea or coffee an hour each side of taking my fx menopause as far as possible.Replacing if need be with fruit tea. I did have a period last month but these may prove to be sporadic I am keeping a close diary of my health and wellbeing. I hope this imformation is useful to you.Just for the record my age is 49,Nearly 50 and I was diagnosed as being menopausal 12 months ago.I spent 9 months on H.R.T previous to trying fx menopause  

  I have been taking fx menopause for exactly 1 month now and feeling so much better - I ahve been taking 2 in the morning and 1 at night. Can you advise me as to my dosage for the next few months please? Many thanks  

  Brenda, received first set of fx menopause. Thank you. I have not had a period for over 2 years and was initially on hrt but was then taken off because it started to give me migraines. Not been taking them now for over 12 months and feel very low, lots of hot sweats and not sleeping well at all. The only other thing that i am taking is evening primrose capsules. I have start taking fx menopause two in the morning and two just after tea. Already feel better but woudl appreciate any more info. that you can provide. Thank you.  

  Hi , Received item on Monday. I am very happy with satart-up dose. I feel great, less tired. My skin is not itchy anymore. my husband says i am less moody so its going great at present.  

  I have now been used fx menopause for the last 3 - 4 months - had no problems ad yes I do feel better  

  Thanks for getting back in touch with me. I had a hysterectomy in 1981, when I was 29. I must admit the bloated feeling is going and my flushes do seem to be getting bettter, but this may be wishful thinking. I finished my first box last night, I thought I was supposed to be taking two capsules twice a day but your regime is different. From today I will reduce this to 1 twice a day. Thaks for getting in touch it makes you feel better that someone is thinking of you.  

  I have been taking fx menopause for a number of months now and find it is the best supplement I have ever taken. I am due to have a cholestrol test as mine was slightly high, can you tell me if fx menopause will lower this? thank yo  

  hi! I have been taking your product for a few weeks now, although I am feeling much better i would like to know if this product will protect me from osteoporosis, also i have a appointment with my gynocologist on Monday and would be grateful if you could email me a health care product information for him to read, as i will be seeking his advise whether to continue on your product or use HRT, I am having bone density scan next week ,as I have a early menopause, as I am 35 yrs old. Thankyou!  

  I have been taking the fx menopause supplement(2 a day) and feeling very well. I now have an added medical problem and my physio advised a topical oestrogen cream before continuing therapy. My doctor was not happy with this and gave me a short course (month). I do not want to take this form of hrt although I am told that as a vaginal cream it does not go into the bloodstream (physio, says this.) Do you know if it will effect fx menopause, or have you any knowledge of this. I have been using your product with success. Please can you send an information pack to my GP. His address is.. (deleted )  

  I have had very intermittent periods sometimes not for 8 weeks, then I get either 2 days drips or 11 days very heavy. around bleeds I am very tired, irritable, tearful, cant concentrate, not sleeping well, hot a lot. mid period at ovulation feel low mood swings cant stop it like a dynamo got to work or walk or go crazy. My mum says all classical early signs. I am 43 but my nana was 40 and mum 45 so early is normal. I take a herbal remedy collagen for joints as arthitis in hip and knee which period unsettles. I want a natural route. I did not cope on the pill so did not want traditional HRT. My Mum says try different types till you find the one which suits. I was told black cohosh? or something like this. I saw your advert in the mail and looked at the site it sounds so healthy and safe. I ordered a test kit to check my levels. You should maybe know I am a survivor (I prefer thriver) of childhood abuse and had a hard time with periods starting at age 9. a difficult birth of first son as womb is tipped back from early damage. I cope with the periods. Obviously I have emotional issues and damage so these symptoms tip the balance. I sought help and was in adult counselling for the issues mentally. Now I need to handle the physical symptoms so I can cope now I have come to terms with me. Unbroken sleep is vital so the nightmares do not come. I have no other health worries and no gas difficulties. I would appreciate any support and help you can offer. I sure had enough and would like this phase to be smooth. Thanks for response. Second email Thanks for calls. I have been off work and trying to get myself right. I have been so tense and wound up and tearful. The silliest things are stressing me. I just feel tired and out of sorts, strange really as I am sleeping at nights more. I do feel less bloated and sore and have a better appetite. Just had a bleed of two days and it was calmer. wake up hot and sticky it just flows up my legs and over my head. I am quieter outside but inside raging with irritation. takes a lot of effort i am sure my men (hubby and 4 adult sons) think I am crazy there are days when I agree. I do feel the tablets are helping a bit now but just taking the edge off. with the tension easing I can cope with plain tired. bad at the irratic bleeds but bad spell 12 days before a bleed i guess when i am ovulating, leaves me ratty and out of sorts at least I know a bleed is due. no pattern walking and taking up crafts again as distraction, when I can. mind wanders and I am forgetful and cant concentrate properly. feels stupid compounds frustration I just want to be alone so I can cope, yet this is not normal for me nor often easy. persevering taking the 2 tablets you recommended each day. Will keep going, even some improvement is better than none. my mind can work now and I no longer keep crying at strange times or thoughts. Thanks  

  Answer One to Q1. No. I am on no medication. Answer Two to Q2. My periods are very erratic. Previously very regular. I saw a report on fx menopause in a local paper and recognised many symptoms - most if not all I was trying to ignor! However, I do feel more 'energised' since only starting the course four days ago. I am so far I have taken 1 capsule in the morning and 1 about midday (for two days) then yesterday took two in the morning, today I took two about 5pm - wondering if I should take them when I am starting to 'flag'. Do you have any guidelines such as before food or after? Your advice would be appreciated. Thank you  

  Sorry for delay in replying, I am not taking any regular medication at the moment except for over the counter pain killers which I will now stop taking. I am 59 and have not had periods for a few years now although I still get hot sweats and many other symptoms, I have now been taking the tablet for 2 days and feel better already and have not experienced any bloating so far. I have mentioned your product to my 39year old daughter who had a hysterectomy at 32 and now has terrible breat pain which has been investigated and is something she has to live with. She takes evening primrose and star oil for this but has to leave off every so often as it also causes migraines.I would welcome your comments on this in the hope that your tablets might help her.  

  Hi Brenda! I'm currently taking statins to reduce my cholesterol and vitamin B12 injections every 3 months for pernicious anaemia. That's it as far as the doctor is concerned, but I'm also having a tablespoon of Linseed (Linusit Gold) with my cereal in the morning. I don't want to give that up as it seems to make the difference between my head working and not. My last period was 2 months ago, but I've been suffering from horrendous hot flushes (up to 3 an hour) for 3 months and night sweats for a couple of years, though very much worse in the last 3 months. My hot flushes started to reduce as soon as I took the first fx menopause capsule, and have virtually disappeared on a dose of 2 a day. The night sweats have almost disappeared too. It's like waving a magic wand - I can hardly believe it. I'd like to carry on as I am if possible, as this is definitely working for me. Thanks!  

  Many thanks for your attempted phone calls and letter. I am sorry I have not been able to take your calls. I think I am getting on well with your product. I am taking Oil of Evening Primrose as you suggested but I am not sure if I should carry on taking my other suppliments as well. These include Complex B Vitamin C Milk Thistle Omega3 Fish Oils Ginkgo Biloba Garlic Zinc Green Tea Glucosamine with Chindroitin  

  Sorry I have not replied before. I am not taking any other medication. I eat a lot of beans and pulses as I am a vegetarian so no problems there. I have not had a period for years as I was previously on the contraceptive injection . However, I stopped taking that over 9 months ago and have not had another period. i have been tested for the menopause by my family doctor but am loathe to take HRT. My main symptoms were tiredness, weight gain, mood swings and a general feeling of having a head full of cotton wool!! I have been taking 4 tablets a day and feel a lot better already. Should I go for 2 tablets and see how it goes???  

  I refer to my earlier email regarding taking Maca with fx menopause (is it safe?) and, the risk of developing endometrial cancer by taking an oestrogen alone and would be obliged to receive your reply as soon as possible. Further, I am having significant improvement now that I'm taking fx menopause. Do you have any plans to make larger packs than 90 capsules to reduce the cost? If not, is it possible to bet fx menopause on prescription? If this is possible, how do I go about getting it prescribed? Will my GP do this or will I need to go to my Well Woman clinic?  

  Please telephone A**** B***** if possible tomorrow with information. It transformed my mothers life after coming off HRT. Angie has had to come off HRT and is suffering Phone Number 01********** The email address is mine as I don't know Angies but she knows I was going to get some info for her Many Thanks  

  Thanks you for the information. I have started on 6 tablets for two day and am now on 4 tablets a day. I find the product fantastic. The first couple of days I had the best sleep in years. The hot flushes and night sweats have improved dramatically. I have only had one in the past 24hours and even that was mild. I have also changed my diet to include much more Soya and lentils etc.Energy levels have increased dramatically. I am post menopausal-only finding out a couple of weeks ago that I had gone through the change!  

  Hello again, Thank you for e mail reply.Was talking about your fantastic fx menopause to yet another friend and she would also like an info pack if possible, all my friends seem to be of a ceertain age!!!. Thanks  

  apologies for taking so long to reply. I went to the doctors on Monday – I had to cancel the previous appointment as I was laid low with a migraine. The emergency doctor who came out to me blamed the migraines on the HRT tablets and told me not to take anymore. He also had a talk with my husband and told him to make sure that I went to my regular gp to discuss this. My migraines are really bad – I paralyse and am not able to speak and can’t remember anything. I’m also sick for hours at a time. I have only had about 7 in my entire life but on 2 occasions I have been taken to hospital as work colleagues have thought I was having a stroke. Of the 7 – 3 have happened in the last 6 months. I have stopped taking HRT and am taking your tablets. I have had no headaches or breakthrough bleeding. No hot flushes or night sweats and my IBS seems to have settled. In fact I feel so much better generally. I am now taking 4 per day (2 x 2). Kind regards  

  I started about 2 weeks ago when I purchased 1 pack from you, I started with 2 at breakfast and 2 at bedtime due my night sweats and severe fatique. I feel slightly improved well being, hence the new order. I will evaluate how I feel after the next intake, I will reduce down to 2 a day after the next week or so, I have not suffered any bloated or wind symptoms. I do not take any medication other than Vitamon B complex and on occasion Iron supplements when I feel aneamic( which I have previously been prescribed by the doctor) so I recognise the symptons. Cheers  

  Kept on taking the 2 tabs (twice daily) as I thought "I've started so I'll finish"! Bags more energy & eating everything in sight (which is unusual for me) but everything else appears as normal. I'll keep on taking the tablets & see what happens!!  

  Good Morning My mum odered some of your tablets and she has had a message left on her answer machine from yourselves to see how she is getting on, we wanted to let you know that she is getting on very well and she is pleased with the results so far. My mums name is T****** R**** and lives at (deleted), Coventry. Please could you pass this message onto who may need it. Many Thanks  

  Brenda, just to let you know that I have ordered another 30 capsules. Reason being that I am going to be out of the Country in the next 7 days and I want to continue with the supplements. This is my second day and certainly last night I experienced a reduction in the number of times I was woke because of night sweats. Hopefully this will continue to improve as it is a lack of sleep that is tending to impact on the rest of my life. Best wishes,  

  Sorry I keep missing you when you call. I am delighted with your product. I take 2 a day and had the feeling of 'tremendous well- being' you promised, from day 1 ! I am 49, have regular periods and few menopausal symptoms -'cept for feeling very warm in bed in the middle of the night ! However, I had felt a little adrift emotionally for a while and felt down for no reason at all, which the capsules have put right. My friends have commented on how good I look and say I am glowing ! I would suggest 'though, that the capsule itself would benefit from improvement. It is rather flimsy and tastes unpleasant which could put some ladies off .... Not me 'though ! (Note: she is referring to 1st generation of this product – we no longer have these complaints with our 2nd generation product). Thanks very much for sharing this great little bean with us .  

  Thanks for your calls and e-mail. I wanted to wait until after I'd had a period before I commented on fx menopause. I'm following dosage given in paper and it appears to be working. I was bloated at first but this seems to have sorted itself out. Period pains all but stopped." Weepyness "not nearly as bad. Don't seem to have swings of mood and fuzzyness in head stopped. I've had a lot of other things going on in my life this month and don't know if changes are all due to tablets. I intend continuing with them for time being though. Many thanks  

  Please note my new e-mail address. I've been taking fx menopause for 3 weeks and feel so much better - nearly human again! - but I do have a problem. Just as I'm beginning to notice an improvement in my general well-being, but not at the stage yet where I would be happy to start reducing the dosage, I'm probably going to have to stop taking the tablets because I can't afford to spend £16 every week on new supplies. I didn't realise when I started taking them just how expensive it was going to be. Why do the tablets cost so much? They don't seem to contain any ingredient that would be so expensive. I don't quite know what I am going to do because nothing I have tried so far has been as successful as fx menopause. Perhaps you could explain why something that is so good has to be so expensive! (note: we had to explain that longer term intake was approx 1/3 of start up, so the cost was much lower than she thought).  

  Thank you for your email, I have tried the product and am currently taking 2 tablets a day and have already noticed that I am getting better sleep and better concentration. I thought I would keep the dosage at this level for 4 weeks then drop to one a day. I will be ordering some more soon. Best wishes,  

  Thanks for your letter dated 20th January. Apologies that I have not been at home when you rang - both me and my partner work full-time and are out of the house all day. I have just ordered some more fx menopause. Please note that I have used a new delivery address - which is my place of work. I am currently taking 4 capsules per day and I am feeling some benefit. It seems to help with the insomnia that has plagued me for 10 years. Although I have suffered from insomnia throughout my life, it got steadily worse in my menopause because of the night sweats. Night sweats and insomnia have been the worst aspects of menopause for me, so much so that each year now, I dread the onset of summer because I just can't stand the heat. Any further benefit in terms of better skin and hair would be a bonus, but I've not noticed any changes so far. I am 55.  

  I am also a Practice Nurse and the GP I work for is also a homeopathic practitioner and accupuncture practitioner could you please send your Gp information pack to Sister R J***,Practice Nurse, Dr P T***** Oldham. I started having hot flushes again on Saturday so I have started the fx menopause on 2 caps BD Feel great thanks  

  My pack of fx menopause has now run out. I have not spoken to anyone from your office as yet. Would it be possible to send me another pack or will I have to go through the order procedure via your website? I think it's too early to tell whether there have been any benefits but I do feel one positive thing is that my sleep has improved. I have not had bad symptoms of menopause except that my sleep has been bad and I have no energy. I feel that fx menopause has improved these symptoms and I am sure that over time I will begin to feel real benefits. Many thanks for your help.  

  My order has arrived safely thank you. The little power pack capsules are now working again after a bit of a blip. I gave up all sorts of stuff (chocolate, curries, alcohol etc) before the penny dropped and I studied the Flora Pro-Active label closely - plant sterols. At first I couldn't understand what I was doing wrong as the capsules had worked wonderfully. A blood test had shown that my husband had high cholesterol so we had embarked on a low fat with Flora Pro-Active as suggested by the Doctor. Obviously not good for me and it's taken a washout of around a month to get back on an even keel again. But all is fine now and I'm enjoying chocolate again mummm.... Regards and have a great Christmas.  

  Just a quick note to give you feedback on my experience taking fx menopause. I started taking fx menopause roughly 8 weeks ago,due to severe P.M.S which occured immedietly after I was sterilised in Feb 03 .I was having a period every other week and suffering severe mood swings ,lethargy and generally miserable ,after visiting my G.P and being prescribed Norethisterone I was assured that after ^ months my body would return to normal.It did'nt.So I was even more miserable and knew that if I did'nt do something quickly goodness knows who was going to take the brunt of my foul moods,again. So after reading Spirit and Destiny ,then trying to convince myself that it may work,I gave it a try. I generally take a tablet every other day and one every day a couple of days before and during my period or when I feel I need to. The results are marvellous and were immediate my life has returned to normal .I can't stress enough how fantastic I feel now, everybody who knows me comments on how happy I seem and I am .I am so pleased to have found a"cure" and so is my family. Many many Thanks!  

  Don't know the lady's name) Further to your telephone call, yesterday, with my daughter when she discussed if she could continue on fx menopause. As she was on HRT and wanted to continue she was advised that it was not recommend to her. For your information she had a radical hysterectomy at age 36 and has been on HRT todate (41 years). She is experiencing sweats and lack of concentration. Also not sleeping well hence the reason for pursuing your treatment. She has seen her GP who seems to think that exercise will improve her health with no other recommendation. You kindly recommended that she try Black Cohosh for six months and flax seed with diet monitoring. She has purchased a supply and also checked with the pharmacy who said that there was no reason she could not take these supplements with HRT. I would like to thank you for the way you handled her enquiry as, we women, often find that nobody wants to listen and that one has to just get on with things. This made a big difference to her and made her more positive that she could get some relief. This in itself is a great boost to both Lorna and her family. Thank you once again for your interest and I will certainly let you know how things progress as she is a very precious and vivacious daughter who deserves to feel well and enjoy life. Thanks again. M***** M******* (impressed mother)  

  I am very satisfied with fx menopause and have in fact today ordered the triple pack. I am very happy to talk to the journalist if it can be of help. (this in response to us asking if she would be prepared to talk to a journalist from a UK newspaper)  

  Thank you order has been recieved, what an efficient business, congratulations. I am taking 2 capsules a day which seems to be working really well. I will be re-ordering shortly  

  Just to let you know that i received my fx menopause tablets and have just ordered some more, I have only had one months supply and can feel the benefits. I would like to thank you for your quick service and the personal touch that you have with your customers, as you know I live in Zakynthos in the Greek islands and your package only took a week to arrive and that is good for here  

  Thank you for your enquiry. I have been taking fx menopause for almost 3 weeks now and have noticed that I feel much happier and not so snappy, and have much more energy. I have been taking 4 tablets daily, 2 morning / 2 evening. I am still getting night sweats and wonder whether to increase to 6 tabs daily? This would however become very expensive if I found that I had to keep to 6 tabs daily. I am also taking Menopace vitamin tablets. Previously I have taken Dong Quai which seem to help with night sweats, but I note that you do not recomend combining fx menopause with other herbal supplements? Many thanks.  

  Thanks for your enquiry. I am delighted to say that the product had an immediate effect on my sleep pattern & have experienced the best nights sleep since surgery two & a half years ago. This in itself is well worth it & I look forward to experiencing further positive effects. perhaps in two months time I may look two years younger - who knows?! Thanking you,  

  Thank you for your concern, yes the tablets are helping allot more energy and less aches as I used to get bad joint aches and since I have taken these its hardly there, as you know I have premature menopause and looks like I have found the right product It would be good to tell others with my problem about alternative to HRT as I am sure many are searching for this type of product and you can confirm it works, also I did speak to one of your employees regarding bulk purchase as these would be for life! If you could recommend a special deal that would be most helpful. Kind Regards  

  I've definitely seen a difference. I've taken every over the counter med that came out. This is the first time that I have had fewer occurrences of "flashes." I've just started, so I'm sure it will even get better. Thank you.  

  Brenda, thanks for your interest. Yes we had a fabulous time in Jordan, the people are really lovely and the scenery, Petra in particular, is more stunning than photos can show. How much would 58 boxes be? And if I could get a private prescription for fx menopause, could my chemist get it for me from you and then I wouldn't have to pay VAT on it. As I understand it anything that is 'medication', not food, can be prescribed, and the chemist can then claim the VAT back. Hope you have a positive answer to this. I am now taking 3, 1 tds and seem to be fine, not completely hot-flush free but good enough. Thanks,  

  I have been using fx menopause now for a few months and have found it to be a great help rather than take hrt. I am 54 years old and haven't had a period for 18 months. I made myself an hrt cake last month whilst still taking fx menopause and this week, to my dismay, I have started a period. Is it worth still taking fx menopause?  

  Many thanks for your phone call asking if I was feeling any benefit from fxmenopause. I am happy to report that my hot flushes appear to better in that they have lessened. I feel more positive and lively and whilst it is early days I have a feeling it is due to the fxmenopause - so good news so far!  

  I am taking 3 tabs of fx menopause a day now but it is a bit difficult to say how I feel as I have a UTI at the moment and have been put on antibiotics. I am no stranger to these - having had them for most of my adult life - but I feel a bit debilitated because it is the second one since Christmas which has needed drug intervention. However, I am sure that fx menopause is helping with the night sweats and the other two positive benefits are that I am sleeping much better and my skin looks really good.

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FX Menopause 3™ adds extra phytoestrogens ( sourced from foods ) to your existing diet. By increasing your intake of these phytoestrogens you may improve your wellbeing before, during and after menopause.

FX Menopause 3™ should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet. Individual results may vary.