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With so many menopause products available today, and so few of them actually helping, one of my biggest problems has been proving that supplementing a healthy diet with FX menopause actually can make you feel a lot better. Whilst nothing is guaranteed, every one of us is different; the following gives an example of what results you may see.      Lee

FX Menopause 3™ should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet. Individual results may vary.

This Flush Diary is the very first to be returned and covers the first 45 days of using FX menopause. I think I am safe in saying 10/10.

A very quick resolution in this next diary; I consider 3 capsules a day a high intake. I recommend this for women who have just stopped HRT (ERT), have had hysterectomies, are stressed (work, family and lifestyle problems) etc.

This Flush Diary is perfect example of the average performance for western women (Johnny Depp must have been around on Day 42).