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  • To understand how we can keep youthful skin qualities, we need to look at the biology.  Our skin is composed of 3 basic materials that keep it looking and feeling good:  Collagen, which gives our skin strength.  Elastic Tissue which gives our skin its elasticity and “bounce back.”  Hyaluronic Acid which keeps our skin plump and hydrated. Our body’s natural hormones are directly responsible for the production of these three key parts of our skin.  ...
  • Food is the fuel that keeps us going every day, but it also offers us many other benefits that we may not recognise. Certain types of Food, such as oily fish, vegetables and fruits, stand out in the shopping basket because they contain special properties that make them unique in terms of how they benefit our health. These health-enhancing qualities come from the vitamins, minerals and complex phyto-nutrients contained in the food. Essential to our health, these assist with many of the body's natural fun...