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Our focus has always been one to one. If you call for help, we will do everything we can to guide you to an effective solution. That solution may not be FX menopause, but we believe it is a duty of care that we do our personal best for the person who has asked us for help.

We are fortunate in that FX menopause can work quickly, as it is often the case that women have tried everything in their health store, have run the gauntlet of buying dubious miracle cures over the internet and may have even been forced to take up half naked late night walks to cool down.

The efficacy, unambiguous safety and short time it takes for a majority of women to see improvement is a blessing for both the user and our credibility. Of course, as is the case with a pharmaceutical solution such as HRT, there are always a number of women who’s bodies are slow to respond.

For these women we hope that some of the self help solutions found on this site will bridge the gap between when they start with FX menopause and when they begin to see the sort of improvement many other women have experienced.

  FX menopause is manufactured to pharmaceutical standards, even though it is a simple food supplement.

Customers can be assured that we will honour all consumer rights; Not simply because this is a UK company, we would never use any information entrusted to me for anything other than supporting you and we will always put your need first.

If you have menopause wellbeing problems give us a call. Sometimes just talking to someone else can put you on the path to a long term solution.