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A brief history

Our search for an effective alternative to conventional HRT began over a decade ago, with research into the traditional Asian diet. Through this, a number of elements were found that both substituted for and stimulated a woman’s natural hormones, effectively offsetting the effects of the menopause.

The result of the research was the production of the first generation of our menopause supplement, then named Nutrafem.

Effective, but expensive to manufacture and with the number of capsules needing to be consumed as high as 6 a day; we knew we had a very useful dietary supplement, but recognised we needed to continue development.

At the start of 2008 our second generation supplement was ready for launch.

Renamed FX menopause, to better match the new name of the company. The improved efficacy and lower intake of capsules, 1 a day in early menopause, 3 a day for someone at mid menopause, made the supplement a great success.

By 2011, with bright new colours and a refresh of the brand, FX menopause was supporting more women than ever before.

By July 2012 we were ready to launch our 3rd generation supplement;

By advancing our formulation and adding important active botanicals from Green Tea, we have, we believe, the best natural alternative to HRT. An effective supplement, that can be used by women of all ages, at all stages of menopause and during the years beyond.

To learn more about our 3rd generation supplement please see  FX MENOPAUSE