... Scientifically formulated for during and after Menopause

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A brilliant supplement, simply by reputation. See what others have said about FX Menopause™ 3.  Guaranteed not to contain Isoflavones.

  Updated June 2019. Hello, I just wanted to say how happy I am that Nutrition FX was recommended to me by a friend. I was suffering from severe hot flushes, 2-3 an hour all day and all night. I couldn't sleep and could barely function. After a month of your tablets, they have all but disappeared, I get about 1 a week now. I can't express what an amazing difference this has made to my life, I thought I wasn't going to survive menopause! Thank you!

 I just wanted to let you know how fantastic this product is. I don't usually bother to write reviews but nutrition fx menopause is amazing. I have been taking this for a year now. Within a week of starting my hot flushes had started to diminish and after a month had gone completely. I had flu back in October and didn't take any for nearly a week as I was so ill in bed and as I started to feel well again the hot flushes reappeared. I went back to taking nutrition fx and they stopped within a few days. The capsules have also improved my sleep greatly meaning that even if I wake up in the middle of the night I can go back to sleep quickly instead of lying awake for hours. Truly an excellent product! Thank you.

 I would just like to say I have been taking FX Menopause for about 6 weeks now , hot flushes have stopped , I have increased energy and motivation and have been able to lose weight as I no longer feel the need to comfort eat and am enjoying walking again instead of moping around , really I feel like my old self and have recommended your product to others. , thanks

  I don't normally write testimonials but I had to say something about Nutrition FX and no Im not being paid!!! I was extremely sceptical that this could do anything as I had a hysterectomy aged thirty and since then (have had awful issues with hormone imbalance) Also suffered ill health for other reasons since then and so finding things to help me has been a real battle. Then in crept the menopause from hell at around 47 and I have been getting worse in symptoms ever since, night sweats, irritable, hormone imbalances, feeling sick, terrible anxiety, breast pain, weight gain, low thyroid, aches pains you name it Ive had it. Depression and feeling isolated with these issues has really got me down so after trying everything and I mean everything I didn't have much faith at all in this product when I first saw it and I might add that I am truly holistic in my thinking and so I have used good nutrition etc to help myself. But after all that explanation I must tell you that I am completely bowled over by the results I have had from using Nutrition FX. All I can say is wow! I cannot believe how different I feel from something so simple and it has increased my confidence to go out more and I feel more like myself than I have in years!! Thank You thank you thank you!!! The hot sweats are virtually gone, the temperament is a lot more even, ask my husband! and just generally feel better, I can't really explain other than it must be working as I am long past anything having a placebo effect on me! If you have doubts its worth spending the money and giving these a try. I used a full packet before they started to work on me and I do still have to take 3 a day but I have been on a rollercoaster ride prior to this so I can highly recommend this simple but effective solution to a long term problem. I will be ordering more and I hope in a few months to be reporting back that I have maintained this better level of health. Highly recommended for any doubters its worth a try!..



FX Menopause 3™ adds extra phytoestrogens ( sourced from foods ) to your existing diet. By increasing your intake of these phytoestrogens you may improve your wellbeing before, during and after menopause.

FX Menopause 3™ should be consumed as part of a healthy balanced diet. Individual results may vary.